About us

Our Story

We help businesses create efficient and effective back office functions through technology, process automation and business intelligence.

By optimising technology, people and process, we help you lift organisational performance, improve engagement and increase the effectiveness of your entire organisation.

Our Name & Logo


Our name.  Re Vera means "in truth" (Latin) and the understanding of your reality is where you start from.

Our logo.  Jara is an ancient symbol meaning "within your harvest lies the dormant seed of the cycle to come".  The seeds you plant today in your business will be harvested in years to come.  Our logo also represents our goal of an open relationship between two organisations as equals in that relationship.

Our Approach

Any business is a system of its interconnected parts.  No person, part or function can carry the business alone.​  


We specialise in the elegant design of an integrated back office processes and intelligence to deliver goods and services to your customers at a profit.  


We utilise systems thinking techniques and robust, well researched consulting, coaching and learning frameworks tailored to your situation aligned with a suite of state of the art technology partners.  


We will ask the right question at the right time to the right person.  Candidly ... authentically ... and with compassion.

Our Team


Bruce Mullan

Strategic Project Delivery and People Change

Bruce's 20+ years of consulting expertise is at the intersection of strategy, operations, culture, business process and information systems. 

Bruce holds a Masters in Information Systems and is a certified Organisational Coach. 


Bruce has guided more than 35 leading organisations on more than a hundred initiatives to optimise their operations, people, culture, processes and business systems to improve sustainability, performance and provide better outcomes.

All for two reasons: to maximise business outcomes and make the essential behavioural change from technology investments.


Craig Mullan

Commercial Lawyer

Craig has been negotiating commercial contracts for over 20 years, predominantly in the technology space.  With experience as a solicitor at King & Wood Mallesons and as General Counsel of a publicly listed IT company, Craig brings a breadth of legal expertise. 


Craig’s legal expertise spans commercial, operational and management contexts in corporations ranging from start-ups to multi-national corporations.  Craig successfully guides those businesses to achieve successful contract outcomes.