Optimising and digitising 20 services across 8 sites saved money and improved productivity.

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A large Aged Care provider was able to save $270k p.a., improve service outcomes

and maximise its capacity to scale.

An aged care operating division was delivering more than 20 diverse services (from eight sites) including allied health, nursing, social support, day/overnight respite, meals and transport.   The programs were funded by 14 different funding sources including a small amount of private fees.  

Reasons for change

The entire operation was captive to a couple of key people.  Senior management lacked clarity or visibility on process, data or performance.  There was a well-embedded, traditional reliance on paper-based client files and printed staff rosters. Monthly Finance billing was neither timely nor accurate, so they were probably leaking revenue.  

What was needed
The division needed digital ways of working and to streamline long-standing and entrenched work practices.  There had to be a way to eliminate paper case files, properly enable a mobile workforce, and at the same time, improve billing and statutory compliance.

How we helped
Our team managed the transition process to a new world.  We prepared people for the journey to adapt to the requirements of customer expectation and new funding models.  We designed, developed and deployed new business processes supported by a client management system (with mobile app). We developed streamlined methods for Finance to receive accurate and complete billing information on a timely basis.

Streamlined processes. Processes across eight sites were standardised.

Silos were removed.  Client experience was enriched by the service delivery teams having a single view of all their services.   

Capacity uplift.  The team had greater capacity to deliver more services and expand into new growth areas.

Cost saving.  Reduced operational costs by $270k p.a.