How to get a critical digital transformation project back on track 

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This critical digital initiative wasn't getting anywhere fast and had lost momentum.  People were disengaging.  The vendor was floundering.  How did they get back on track?


A large community care provider's major business transformation project was in trouble. Internally the team was trying to manage the project but things weren't working out with their chosen software partner. The project was complex from the outset with multiple stakeholders and a new IT system, plus the need for significant changes to work practices.

Reasons for Change

The organisation had kicked off its business transformation project by engaging a software vendor's consulting division to undertake a business blueprint and develop process maps.  The business blueprint was incomplete and incorrect, and only a handful of the process maps were useful.  In addition, the organisation's business representatives disengaged from the project.


What was needed

The organisation hadn't fully appreciated the extent and size of the task at hand.  The project needed to get back on track.  The executive manager was not sure how.  An external perspective was needed and with some candid observations.


How we helped

We developed robust governance structures with clear roles and responsibilities and re-engaged the broader project team and key stakeholders.

We clarified the scope, agreed an appropriate deployment approach for new IT systems, identified the key risks, re-established a realistic project budget.  We identified critical resource gaps in the organisation's project delivery capability.



The project now had a clear understanding of what was needed and a clear direction.  The necessary project team roles were internally hired and the project moved forward with confidence.