When a high profile digital project with an immovable deadline gets stuck - what do you do?

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A high profile online digital project was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Learn how this organisation was able to recover and ultimately be successful with our help.


A large community provider had received a significant government grant to develop an innovative online service to be launched within a fixed timeline.  The online digital project had lost significant time due to poor vendor delivery. 

Reasons for change

The organisation had an immovable deadline and needed to get things on track.  The organisation was caught in an awkward triangle.  The government was not providing complete enough information to design the online service and their software partners were not able to provide accurate quotations.  The project was at a cross-road with no obvious way forward. 

What was needed

The project needed a conceptual, high-level design of the key functions of the new online service and an understanding of how a service recipient would use those functions.  The project also needed an external perspective to fill in any gaps.


How we helped

Within a week, we co-developed: 

  • a clear overview of the components and capabilities of the new online service

  • an understanding of how the system would be deployed in phases

  • a list of questions to clarify scope from the grant provider

  • a detailed matrix of 200 requirements

  • a detailed list of priorities (what to do first, then next etc.)


With the right information, the organisation was able to obtain accurate quotes, select the right software partner and commence the build from a solid foundation.  Bruce was just what we needed at the time.  Our team is now confidently moving forward towards a successful on-time go-live.