A large internal unit of a Victorian Public Entity has seen recent rapid team growth along with some significant leadership changes.  Human Resources noticed a disturbing trend of a slow-burning negative shift in the values and culture of the team. 


Reason for change

Long-standing employees were leaving, there was increased psychological distress, a fall in job satisfaction, and staff were feeling helpless with the potential for bullying claims increasing daily.  


Keeping up with high business demands was challenging, so the Senior Manager was looking at ways to re-establish an inclusive and supportive culture, to improve team morale and general well-being, and to increase productivity. 


What was needed

Given the complexity and severity of the workplace environment, an independent consultancy was needed to get to the cause of the cultural shift and deterioration in team values and determine ways to address these.


How we helped

The Revera team carried out thorough research, co-developed and implemented a shared Team Charter, undertook leadership development and coaching, facilitated team building workshops and implemented an optimised operating structure.



The team is now working together as an aligned team and staff are more productive, feeling more empowered and happier to be at work.  Everything is now in the open and people have the courage to speak up.   Some have said they are confident that the changes that are needed will go ahead, so that’s great. The team has seen a significant reduction in the risk of workplace claims, non-compliance with legislation and potential legal expenses. 


The Revera team delivered everything they said they would.  Their program of discovery and implementation unfolded as expected, and we’ve now passed the critical mass for positive change.  Two things stood out for me: I found the consultant we worked with particularly resilient in the face of serious behavioural issues and they are the most accessible consultants I have worked with. 


They worked with us on our timeline and fitted into our available windows.  We are very happy with the overall outcome.   I would highly recommend Revera to anyone in a similar situation. 


Senior Manager, Victorian Public Service

The right intervention at the right time turned around a dysfunctional team culture.

A well thought through preemptive intervention avoided escalation of serious and disruptive workplace issues in a team of more than 40 people.   

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