Strategic Projects

How to set up for project success


You may be introducing new technology, streamlining a critical business process, transforming your business model or re-organising how you operate.  All of these strategic initiatives carry project risk.

Key factors of successful projects:

  • Clear on what you are trying to achieve

  • People working well together

  • Effective project processes in place

What an independence voice brings:

  • True picture of the reality of your situation

  • Make sense of your options

  • Start with confidence around stakeholders, scope, budget, timeline and risk

  • Facilitate teamwork to work better together

  • Objective and visible measures of progress

Our project success programs

Our programs are designed to work within your existing Program and Project methodology.

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Project Health & Viability Checks

Intensive diagnostic review of your project's situation

Gather data and feedback

Identify options

Prioritise recommendations

Decide on best way(s) forward

Change Management & Project Culture

Manage the human change and new ways of working

Change Impact Assessment

Communications Planning

Training & Change Delivery

Leaders as Change Agents

Ongoing Project Mentoring & Support

Project coaching program to guide and support project success

Steering Committee Participation

Ask the right questions

Stimulate your thinking

Observe your project processes

Collaborative Project Reset and Resumption

Intensive program to re-establish your project on a firm foundation

Project health check

Project governance best practice

Building trust and teamwork

Establish project metrics and reporting

Customer results

How to get a critical digital transformation project back on track 

Learn how an organisation was able to recover, reset and resume a strategically critical project with the confidence of a guiding hand. 

When you have an immovable deadline and a high profile digital project gets stuck - what do you do?

Learn how a large organisation had found itself in a potentially untenable situation and was able to work their way through with our support.

What success might look like