Team Turnaround

Establish inclusive and supportive team cultures to improve performance

Discover. Align. Perform.

Have you noticed a disturbing trend in a team: 

a slow-burning negative shift in the values and culture? 


Build an aligned team, where staff are more productive, feeling more empowered and happier to be at work.

Set up for team success

What are the tell tale signs that team dysfunction may be showing up at work?

  • Long-standing employees resign

  • Psychological distress for employees who feel they are being marginalised

  • Poor work engagement impacts productivity

  • A fall in job satisfaction for some staff

  • People expressing intentions to leave

  • Perception that management are unable to resolve issues so people feel somewhat helpless

  • Poor perceptions of the team from other internal areas or external parties

Five factors for successful teams:

  1. Trust 

  2. Respectful Conflict

  3. Clarity & Commitment

  4. Mutual Accountability

  5. Collective Results Focus

What inclusive team building brings:

  • A healthy and safe workplace 

  • Improved individual well-being

  • Greater morale and productivity

  • Minimised turnover/recruitment costs

  • Avoids unnecessary claims and legal costs

  • A heightened reputation of the team and its division

  • Maintains compliance with relevant legislation

Our organisation development programs

Turn around a team culture

Build a team where staff are more aligned, feel more empowered and are happier to be at work.

Finding the core issues

Team Building Workshops

One-on-one Leadership coaching

Building Resilient Teams

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Coach teams to self-organise

Coach success for self-organized teams that determine, plan and manage their day-to-day activities and duties under reduced or no supervision

Team goal-setting

Collaborative communication

Optimise team performance

Decision-making/problem solving

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Manage strategic change programs 

In the current market, change is inevitable and leaders need to ask, engage, motivate and involve, taking people along for the journey.

Scoping & Planning the change

Communicating the change

Training & Supporting the change

Enabling Change Leadership

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Support organisational  restructures

For many organisations, there comes a time when it’s essential to reorganise the business and how it's done is really important. 

Why the need to reorganise?

What & how to reorganise

Impact assessment

Translate into a measurable plan 

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Customer Results

The right intervention at the right time turned around a dysfunctional team culture

A well thought through preemptive intervention avoided escalation of serious disruptive workplace issues in a team of more than 40 people.